• Send a “kid” package to out-of-town grandparents
  • Let your significant other pick the movie
  • Pamper your family for a day
  • Treat a friend to dinner
  • Text just to say “I love you”
  • Give a long hug
  • Take the kids so your spouse can have some time alone
  • Let your friend pick the restaurant
  • Do a household chore someone else normally does
  • Make a fun or fancy drink for your roommate
  • For a week, send a daily picture of the kids to family members you don’t see often
  • Pack a lunch for your spouse
  • Give your full attention
  • Cook a special dinner for your family
  • Throw a friend a surprise party—for a birthday, an engagement, or simply being a great friend
  • Send stickers to friends’ kids
  • Make your spouse feel loved and appreciated every day for a week
  • Throw a party to celebrate someone just for being themselves
  • Create a box with 50 sticky notes of things you love about someone; when you gift it, tell the person to read one any time they need cheering up
  • Text 5 friends a nice note
  • Run an errand for a busy family member
  • Hide a love note for your partner where they’ll find it during the workday
  • Promote something of a friend’s on social media
  • Frame a favorite photo with a friend or family member and give it to them
  • Take turns with your sibling
  • Let someone go before you
  • Ask your friend what game they’d like to play
  • Let your sibling “win” the argument

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