• Bake treats for the fire or police station
  • Donate to a food bank
  • Deliver cookies to your pediatrician’s office
  • Make snack packs for Ronald McDonald House
  • Give full-size candy bars on Halloween
  • Bring donuts into day care for the staff
  • Take muffins to the nurses at a hospital
  • Buy dessert for another table out to dinner
  • Give a treat to the crossing guard
  • Take dinner to a family with a newborn
  • Buy a meal for someone who is unhoused
  • Pay it forward at Starbucks
  • Make cookies for Ronald McDonald House
  • Take candy to a nursing home
  • Volunteer to pass out water at a 5K
  • Offer to buy coffee for someone ringing a Salvation Army bell at Christmas
  • Buy a round of drinks or pick up another table’s tab
  • Make dinner for someone just returning home from the hospital
  • Buy a meal for someone who forgot their wallet

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