• Bring stickers into day care
  • Sign a friend up for an “of the month” club
  • Leave lottery tickets for people to find
  • Buy a nice bottle of wine to share
  • Give gift bags to the staff at a dance studio, gym, etc
  • Leave a new-baby package with diapers, clothes, toys, etc, for friends who’ve recently expanded their family
  • Give things away for free on Craigslist
  • Name a star after someone
  • Tape gift certificates, gift cards, or coupons for free things to car windshields
  • Adopt a Salvation Army Angel at Christmas
  • When you see a parent looking stressed at an ice cream parlor, pay for their order
  • Give a “just because” gift
  • Send a care package to someone in the armed forces
  • Join a wine club and share the bottles with friends
  • Leave a new-parent package with wine, a food delivery gift card, coffee mugs, etc, for friends with a new addition
  • Buy extra tickets at a fair or festival and hand them to strangers at the entrance
  • Leave a pack of diapers in a baby changing station
  • Send a care package to a college student or someone who has recently started living on their own
  • Leave bubbles at a playground
  • Create a care package for someone who is unhoused with socks, gloves, a scarf, hygiene products, a Walmart gift card, and a treat

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