• Write a letter of appreciation to a doctor and their staff
  • Send happy cards to 10 friends
  • Leave Post-its with kind notes on car windshields
  • Write thank-you notes to family or friends
  • Leave complimentary notes on mirrors
  • Write a letter to your organization’s leader
  • Write a love letter to your spouse
  • Mail a postcard to an old friend
  • Write a thank-you note to a mentor
  • Be a pen pal to a soldier
  • Write a note of gratitude to your child’s teacher, principal, or coach
  • Write a letter or e-mail to an author you admire
  • Send cards to kids who are in the hospital
  • Leave a kind note in the tip jar of your favorite coffee place
  • Leave an encouraging note in your kid’s lunch
  • Write a kind note to your child’s swim school, martial arts studio, etc
  • Send a second thank-you note for a gift given long ago that you still treasure
  • Write a letter to a teacher who made a difference in your life

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