• Surprise someone with a cupcake
  • Compliment a colleague’s work
  • Invite a coworker you don’t know very well out to lunch
  • Send notes of appreciation to clients or vendors
  • Bring treats into work for a food holiday
  • Leave a bottle of wine for a coworker after a stressful week at work
  • Do something nice for your company’s administrative assistant
  • Join a chip of the month club to share with coworkers
  • Leave a little something on everyone’s desk
  • Go on a coffee run for your department
  • Write a LinkedIn recommendation or endorsement for a coworker or connection
  • “Mug” some coworkers
  • Praise someone to their manager
  • Have an edible arrangement delivered to someone
  • Invite others to join you for a walk over lunch
  • Bring in treats for your department

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